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We are one of a few private label skincare and cosmetics manufacturers and packagers in the area of Los Angeles, Southern California. We have been providing manufacturing and packaging services to many skincare and cosmetic brands who are selling their skincare products on different channels such as Amazon, eBay, TV shopping networks, beauty spa and department stores.  

We have been serving clients throughout the world who reach us for our quality products and timely services.  The beauty of your skin is certainly not achieved by simply applying topical of certain creams or foams.  Your skin is best seen when it evolves from within, so it is very important that the skin is healthy and it is more like an inside and outside approach. We are able to provide you with different solutions for all your beauty.

We do have wide range of well experience and professional team who are constantly working on the beauty issues that comes up each day.  We also produce a number of spa, salon and beauty products.   We aim at delivering quality products instantly for all your needs.  

We maintain the professionalism throughout our business with our clients, and whether it is an individual who is in need of our services or a particular brand, we tend to maintain the same kind of cordial relationship with almost all of them.  We deal with beauty and private label cosmetic skin care products; though the main intention of the products we manufacture is to enhance the beauty of an individual we try to keep all our formulations in a natural way.  

Our business philosophy is to build long-term relationships with our customers. As a result, the beauty products manufactured and packaged by us will have a long-lasting natural effect on your skin.  We aim to be your reliable private label partner by delivering quality service.  We excel in almost all types of beauty treatment solutions from makeup, hair treatment to acne treatment or even anti-aging products.

We have never stopped looking for solutions to solve the beauty queries which come to us every passing day. With that in mind, we have been trying to develop formulations for each of your queries. So that you can count on us for all of your skin related issues and we have instant solutions to serve you better and for a longer period of time.

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