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in-house gmp label printing

Welcome to Easy Compliance with GMP Labeling Regulations

Market growth, diverse product lines, increased competition, and more stringent regulatory compliance requires supplement manufacturers to adapt packaging and differentiate their dietary & nutraceuticals labels continuously.

By designing labels in-house, we can simplify the packaging process. We can also ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and DSHEA. Under GMP, labels must be separated to avoid applying the wrong label to the wrong product. Also, manufacturers must destroy obsolete labels promptly.

Our graphic artists can help you create a product label from scratch or update your existing design. Our numerous paper stock options include semi-gloss paper, foil stocks, BOPP peel back labels, shrink sleeves and more!

Say Hello to Production Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

In-house label printing center allows the customers to print labels in mid-size, to high volume quantities. So, that means greater production flexibility and more cost-efficient labeling. Also, with different product formulations and unit sizes, production lines must remain flexible. Therefore, it’s a wasteful and inefficient practice to buy pre-printed labels in large quantities for each vitamin, herbal, and sports supplement only to have them sit in inventory.

With dietary supplement in-house label printing center, we can print precisely the quantity of labels needed for each item number and order. The cost per label is affordably low, and there are no excess labels in inventory. That means no more wasted labels, no overstocking, and no more outside printing expenses.

​All of the vitamin and supplement labels and packaging materials we design can either be flexographic or digitally printed to fit your needs. Our color label printers are easy to load and operate. Our printing services offer 7 presses, from 4 colors to 8 colors, and we also offer custom ink mixing so you can achieve any color that you would like. We also provide quality proofing services so that you can receive your completed product in a timely manner

Small business friendly...

Small retailers and distributors such as doctors’ offices, spas, or local gyms, you may have been turning away by other dietary supplement manufacturers because of the low-volume order. With our In-house Label Printing Center, you can place an order as low as 25 bottles. The turnaround time is also fast thanks to the high speed digital label printer and state-of-the-art packaging facility.

On-Demand Sample and Prototype Labels...

When new formulations are developed, it’s important to have a small number of sample packs on hand and ready to distribute. The ability to make labels from our In-house Label Printing Center means that our customers can easily print their finished-looking prototype labels.

Relabeling Supplements...

In a global economy, bulk ingredients and finished products are regularly imported and repackaged into individual bottles, jars, rounds, and packs. With our In-house Label Printing Center, it’s simple to make your new supplement labels that comply with domestic labeling regulations. Enhance your product labels with logos, photos, brand images, supplement facts label panels, lot and batch numbers, best-before and expiration dates, color codes, country of origin, manufacturer’s address, and other label content.

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